Energy Services

AE Squared Engineering is an energy product and solutions company focused on delivering quality, innovative and real solutions which satisfy the growing demands for reduced energy consumption in commerce and industry in Southern Africa.

Environmental issues are of great importance to us all, however in a marketplace where energy cost increases are directly affecting profitability, energy efficiency is one of the key factors determining how today's companies run their operations. AE Squared will work with you to highlight key areas of benefit, not only in terms of reduction of energy but also reduced maintenance and downtime costs within your processes.

Through our range of solutions we are able relaise real benifits and savings for our customers. Without doubt concerns for the environment and the need to conserve energy are likely to remain high on the South African and international agenda for many decades to come. Companies will continue to receive increased pressure from governments and consumers to become more environmentally focused.

South Africa and Africa at large will simply not be able to generate enough power to meet energy demands over the next decade, energy management is not an option - it is a must!