Intelligent Motor Control


Electric motors are utilised in the production of almost every product we purchase and yet, international research bodies calculate that "over 50% of drive-power energy could be saved

Intelligent Lighting


Lighting can account for 50% - 60% of the electrical energy costs of warehouse, distribution and large warehouse type retail facilities.


Managing energy is critical for today's businesses and is now being given high priority within mainstream management.

Consider this, if your equipment and facilities lighting could be automatically switched off when not being used, between shifts or when no one is present in that part of the facility, what additional profits could be generated for your company?

In recent times, energy costs have increased at a rate which is threatening many companies' profitability. AE Squared Engineering is therefore focused on providing real solutions to not only maintain and increase profits, but to also tackle the environmental challenges facing businesses today.

AE Squared Engineering's auditing procedures, for commercial and industrial facilities, will highlight areas of potential saving and benefit. Following an energy audit, we will be able to tailor an intelligent solution to maximise energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and reduce downtime within the areas considered.

An intelligent solution can deliver these savings for you in addition to other key benefits. Importantly, after installation and implementation of the solution, we are able to monitor and report, very precisely, the energy savings and benefits delivered.

In addition AE Squared is an authorised distributor of the Somar range of products, which have been proven around the world in the areas of intelligent motor control, intelligent lighting and intelligent retail refrigeration control.